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  • Please read these instructions carefully. They contain important information which will help you get the best from the chest freezer and ensure safe and correct installation and operation.
  • 1. Do not use a multiple socket or extension cord.
  • 2. Do not use the chest freezer if the power lead is damaged.

    If the product is within warranty, please contact technical support using the number provided on the product support page. If the product is outside of the warranty period, either contact technical support or a qualified repair service.

  • 3. Warning: Do not touch the any part of the mains socket or insert the plug with wet hands.
  • 4. Ensure the power lead is not trapped under the chest freezer.
  • 5. To ensure your safety, the power cord plug must be inserted into an earthed three-pole socket. Check carefully and make sure that your socket is properly and reliably earthed.