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  • WARNING – If you smell gas, immediately turn of the gas supply at the mains and open all windows and doors to ventilate the area. Do not operate any electrical appliances including lighting switches and wall sockets. Call your authorised gas engineer.
  • 1.

    Check all burner parts are aligned correctly.

  • 2.

    Check all burner parts are clean and dry.

  • 3.

    Check that the gas supply is turned on.

  • 4.

    Check the burner holes are clean, dry and free from debris.

    If the burner holes are blocked, this can stop the gas and prevent ignition.

  • 5.

    Clean out the holes with a tooth pick or similar utensil and try again.

  • 6.

    Check for strong draughts near the appliance as this may be affecting the flame of the gas burner.