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  • 1.

    Cookertop - The cookertop contains the 4 ceramic heaters.

  • 2.

    Control Panel - Contains the oven and the ceramic heater control knobs, also the cooker timer.

  • 3.

    Top Oven - Used for grilling and as a secondary oven.

  • 4.

    Main Oven - Used as the primary oven for cooking.

  • 5.

    Adjustable feet - Used to level the cooker on a slightly uneven surface.

    For more information, see the Adjusting the feet topic.
  • 6.

    Deep Tray, Wire Grid and Handle Set – Used for grilling steaks and similar food types.

    Always remove the handle while grilling is in operation.

  • 7.

    Anti-tilting bracket kit - Used to help stabilise the cooker.

    For more information, see the Installing the anti-tilt bracket topic.