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  • The upper heating function is ideal for heating food or frying the top of food that has already been cooked as the heat comes from the top heating element.

  • 1.

    Turn the cooker on at the mains power.

  • 2.

    Turn the top oven control knob to the UPPER function.

  • 3. The top oven thermostat light will illuminate.
    The upper element will switch on and start to heat up.
  • 4.

    The upper heating function is automatically set to the maximum temperature. Allow the top oven to preheat for 10 minutes.

  • 5.

    Open the top oven door.

  • 6.

    Place the food on the shelf in the top oven.

  • 7.

    Close the top oven door.

  • 8.

    Leave the food in the top oven for the desired cooking time.

  • 9.

    Turn the top oven control knob to 0.

  • 10.

    Turn the cooker off at the mains power.

  • 11.

    Open the top oven door, then using oven gloves remove the food.