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  • Always make sure that you unplug the fridge freezer from the mains before you start any maintenance.

    Only use bulbs up to 15W. Anything higher may damage the fridge freezer.

    Take care not to over-tighten the light bulb.
  • 1. Switch off and unplug the fridge freezer from the mains power.
  • 2. Open the fridge door.
  • 3. Locate the interior light cover.
  • 4. To open the interior light cover, press the hooks located on the rear of the interior light cover.
  • 5. Pull out the interior light cover.
  • 6. Unscrew and remove the light bulb.
  • 7. Carefully screw in the new light bulb.
  • 8. Replace the interior light cover.
  • 9. Wait 5 minutes, then plug the fridge freezer into the mains and switch on.
  • 10. Check that the interior light works.