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  • For the tumble dryer to work efficiently with minimum vibration it should be installed on a firm level base.

    You can adjust the balance of the tumble dryer by changing the positioning of its feet.

    Note: Never put boxes, wooden blocks or similar materials under the machine to balance irregularities in the level of the ground.

  • 1. Carefully pull the tumble dryer out of the installed position.
  • 2.

    To adjust the feet, tilt the tumble dryer backwards to gain access.

    Caution: The tumble dryer is heavy, you may need assistance to help tilt it.

  • 3.

    Adjust the height, by rotating the feet upwards or downwards.

  • 4.

    Lower the tumble dryer and check it is level and has no wobble when rocked.

  • 5.

    Push the tumble dryer back into position.