To see what each step looks like, just click each step and check out the picture. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

  • 1. Scroll to the required language and press OK.
  • 2. Select your Country.
  • 3. Select Home Mode and press the OK button.
  • 4. Select which picture mode you would like to use and press OK.
  • 5. Select Accept all and press OK.
  • 6. Press OK.
  • 7. Press OK.
  • 8.
    Scroll to Next and press OK. (To connect to the internet see Smart TV topics)
  • 9. Read through the Manufacturer's Terms and Conditions for Freeview Play, select Yes and press OK.
    You will need to accept these terms and conditions to use any of the freeview play features.
  • 10. Select your broadcast type and press OK.
  • 11. Once the channel scan is complete scroll down to Primary region.
  • 12. Scroll along to your Primary region.
  • 13. Scroll along to your Secondary region.
  • 14. Scroll down to Save and press OK.
  • 15. The First Time Setup is now complete.