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Cookers BUSH BDBL60ELW 820/8062

Adjusting the feet

For your cooker to work efficiently it should be positioned on a firm level base and correctly balanced.

You can adjust the balance of your cooker by changing the positioning of its feet.

Note: Never put cartons, wooden blocks or similar materials under the cooker to balance irregularities in the level of the ground.

1. Carefully pull the cooker out of the installed position.


To adjust the feet, tilt the cooker in the desired direction to gain access.

Caution: the cooker is heavy, you may need assistance to help tilt it. Never drag the cooker.


Loosen the foot by turning anti-clockwise.


Adjust by rotating the feet upwards or downwards.


Lower the cooker and check that it does not wobble.

6. Carefully push the cooker back into position.