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Cookers BUSH BDBL60ELW 820/8062

Faster grilling function

The faster grill function is ideal for grilling steaks, burgers and toasting bread.

Use the function for a wide area grilling????

The temperature setting will be set to the highest level during the grilling function.

Never leave the cooker unattended when cooking with the grilling function.

Caution: The top oven door must be kept open during the grilling function.

1. Turn the cooker on at the mains power.

2. Open the top oven.


Turn the top oven control knob to the FASTER GRILL function.

4. The top oven thermostat and warning lights will illuminate.

The upper element will switch on and start to heat up.


Place the wire grid into the deep tray, then attach the handle.


Place the food onto the wire grid which is in the deep tray.


Place the deep tray onto the shelf in the top oven.


Remove the handle from the deep tray while the food is cooking.


Periodically using oven gloves attach the handle to the deep tray, using two hands carefully remove the deep tray, then check the food and turn if necessary until cooked.


Turn the top oven control knob to 0.


Turn the cooker off at the mains power.


Using oven gloves attach the handle to the deep tray.


Then using two hands with oven gloves carefully remove the deep tray, place on a heat resistant surface and close the top oven door.