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Fridge Freezers BUSH MSBSNFWTDSS 847/5761

Function mode selection

1. Function modes can be enabled to put your appliance into vacation mode and quickly freeze or quick cool products being stored.

2. Press and hold the lock/ unlock/ confirm button for 3 seconds. The appliance will beep and change the icon to the unlock state.

3. Press the functions button repeatedly to scroll through the available function modes.

4. Vacation mode – Set’s the Freezer temperature to -18°C. Fridge cooling is turned off. Please ensure the fridge is emptied if left for a long time.

5. Quick Freeze – Set’s the Freezer temperature to -24°C. Fridge temperature remains unchanged.

Quick freeze can operate for up to 26 hours before changing back to normal mode.

6. Quick cool and quick freeze – Set’s Freezer temperature to -24°C and Fridge Temperature to 2°C.

7. Quick cool — Set’s Fridge Temperature to 2°C.

8. Normal mode – Normal running mode of appliance. Default freezer temp. -18°C, default Fridge temp. °5.