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Tumble Dryers BUSH TDNBX8HP 917 5187 Heat Pump

Positioning the tumble dryer

1. Install the tumble dryer in a dry, dust free, well ventilated room.

2. The tumble dryer performs best in temperatures between 5°c – 35°c. Outside these temperatures the tumble dryer could be damaged.

3. Ensure the air inlet grills are not blocked.

4. Keep the tumble dryer out of direct sunlight and any other heat sources.

5. Do not place heavy objects on top of the tumble dryer.

6. Ensure the tumble dryer is positioned on a firm level base, if necessary adjust the feet.

For more information, see the Adjusting the feet topic.

7. Place the tumble dryer in an area where the door can be fully opened and closed.

8. Ensure the power lead is not trapped under the tumble dryer.