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  • The faster grill function is ideal for grilling steaks, burgers and toasting bread.

    Use the function for a wide area grilling????

    The temperature setting will be set to the highest level during the grilling function.

    Never leave the cooker unattended when cooking with the grilling function.

    Caution: The top oven door must be kept open during the grilling function.

  • 1. Turn the cooker on at the mains power.
  • 2. Open the top oven.
  • 3.

    Turn the top oven control knob to the FASTER GRILL function.

  • 4. The top oven thermostat and warning lights will illuminate.
    The upper element will switch on and start to heat up.
  • 5.

    Place the wire grid into the deep tray, then attach the handle.

  • 6.

    Place the food onto the wire grid which is in the deep tray.

  • 7.

    Place the deep tray onto the shelf in the top oven.

  • 8.

    Remove the handle from the deep tray while the food is cooking.

  • 9.

    Periodically using oven gloves attach the handle to the deep tray, using two hands carefully remove the deep tray, then check the food and turn if necessary until cooked.

  • 10.

    Turn the top oven control knob to 0.

  • 11.

    Turn the cooker off at the mains power.

  • 12.

    Using oven gloves attach the handle to the deep tray.

  • 13.

    Then using two hands with oven gloves carefully remove the deep tray, place on a heat resistant surface and close the top oven door.